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The Compass Inn
Badminton Horse Trials
Wednesday 6th May to Sunday 10th 2015
Badminton Horse Trials

Badminton House only 2-3miles away is the host of the annual Badminton Horse Trials.. More...

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    Compass Inn Hotel Room

    We have 26 bedrooms, which range from standard to a superior Bridal Suite.
    Click here to view the rooms and find out more...

    Hotel Amenities
    The Long Bar

    Our 5 conference rooms cater for groups from 2 to 80. We seek to create bespoke solutions to your needs. Email us with any queries or questions.

    Contact Info

    BEST WESTERN, The Compass Inn, Tormarton, Badminton, South Gloucestershire, GL9 1JB. Tel: 01454 218242



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